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EPOS Privacy Policy

EPOS is concerned about privacy issues related to the membership data obtained. Your individual data will be handled according to EU legislation (Directive 94 and 95/EU).

  • EPOS will store the data provided by yourself at registration and changes made thereafter to stay in contact with you either by the official authorities of EPOS or among the members of EPOS.
  • Your data will be removed from the database when your membership has come to an end either by your declared decision or by missing prolongation of your membership.
  • EPOS does not intend to distribute your membership data outside EPOS to third parties neither for commercial nor charity nor scientific or any other reasons. Usage of your personal data obtained at the registration EPOS annual meetings will not be touched by this. EPOS will distribute the address data of participants of the annual meeting on requested to sponsors inquiring. You will be able to block the distribution of your data on registration to the annual meeting.
  • EPOS will provide a secure area protected by a password provided by you at registration. The secure area is open to all members of EPOS and will provide full information to stay in contact with you.
  • EPOS will not store or evaluate your personal usage of the data offered on its website. We have to admit that the server used by EPOS, as all servers on the internet, runs a security protocol of all activities performed on the website. The data will not be used in any personalized form. Statistical evaluation of anonymised data will not be touched by this.
  • EPOS expects registrants to be involved in any professional form of Paediatric Ophthalmology. Therefore, we do expect you to be of legal age to perform the necessary transaction.
  • EPOS has included links to other websites on its homepage. We have to disclaim any responsibility neither on content nor on privacy issues related to this websites since we do not control these websites.

In case you have any questions or comments related to EPOS Privacy Policy you are welcome to contact the webmaster at:


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